Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Junior

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Children need many things as they grow up, but often overlooked is the need for a broad range of nutrients required for growth and maturation.

Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Junior not only fills in the gaps in a child’s often biased and randomly selected diet, but also provides essential nutrients required for full and healthful growth. Children need protein to build muscle, bone, and a robust endocrine system. They need zinc to assure growth, healing, immunity and maturation through puberty. They need a host of trace nutrients to run and regulate enzyme systems throughout the body, fuel brain development, and, ultimately, support every body system.

Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Junior is focused on young people, and what is required to make them grow and thrive.


  • 17g of balanced Vegetable Proteins
  • 9 Billion Dairy Free Probiotics from 9 Strains
  • 3g of Fiber per serving
  • Key Amino Acids & Trace Minerals
  • Mom's Favorite Fruits & Vegetables
  • Supports Muscular, Endocrine, Skeletal & Immune Systems
  • Supports Digestion & Healthy Brain Function
  • NO Fructose
  • Fat Free, Gluten Free
  • It tastes great! Green Apple flavoured.

Available in bottles 337.6g of powder.

Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Junior Supplement Facts


For children 9 to 12, mix one scoop (enclosed) of GV Junior into 240 ml of milk, milk alternative, juice or water. For ages 6 to 8, use two-thirds scoop, For ages 3 to 5, use one-third scoop. Stir briskly or zap in a blender.


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