Bach Original Flower Remedies Agrimony 10ml

  • Bach Original Flower Remedies Agrimony 10ml
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Bach Original Flower Remedies
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Recognizing exactly how you feel is the key to choosing the right remedy or selection of remedies for you.  All you need to do is find the remedy or remedies (up to 7) that seem to reflect your situation, mood or personality the best.

Agrimony is for: "The jovial, cheerful, humorous people who love peace and are distressed by argument or quarrel, to avoid which they will agree to give up much.  Though generally they have troubles and are tormented and restless and worried in mind or in body, they hide their cares behind their humour and are considered very good friends to know.  They often take alcohol or drugs in excess, to stimulate them and help themselves bear their trials with cheerfulness." - Dr. Edward Bach

Keywords: Addiction, unhappy, anxiety, insomnia

You may need Agrimony if you experience mental torment behind a brave face.  Appear care-free and humorous in order to mask anxieties and unhappiness.


Grape alcohol (aprrox. 27% v/v) flower extract of Wild Oat.

Suggested Direction for Use:

Put 2 drops into a drink of your choice and sip regularly.  For combination use, add 2 drops of each essence (max of 7 essences) into a mixing bottle with some water and take 4 drops 4 times a day.


Keep out of sight and reach of children.


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