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The acid or alkaline measurement of your body is classified in PH (potential of hydrogen) factors. Our bodies do well with extended acid imbalances. Support your health physically and emotionally by providing your body with the nutrients that correct PH imbalances.

This test kit gives you 100 x test strips and a colour chart.  

To test saliva: Test before eating. the most accurate reading of saliva pH should be taken first thing in the morning before brushing, eating or drinking. Place the coloured end of the strip inside of mouth or in contact with saliva, then remove immediately. Use the pH chart provided for the correct colour match. An optimal reading is 7.0 to 7.5

To test urine: Test the second urination of the day, prior to eating for the most accurate result.Fill a small cup with midstream urine and briefly dip the coloured end. Use the pH chart for correct colour match. 




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