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Each tablet contains 500mg of 100% natural green olive leaf powder bound with vegetable gum (gum Acacia). This natural, non-toxic tablet can be used as an alternative or a supplement to remedies normally taken for colds and flu or kidney, genital, respiratory, digestive or other acute infections.

Also an excellent food tonic. Brain stimulant, for better circulation, anti-coagulant.

Free from pesticides, animal products and chemicals. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Olive leaf is six times less toxic than gingko biloba and keeps candida, moulds & fungus under control.


For acute conditions (sudden onset of an infection):
Take 2 tablets immediately. It is best to take two Nature Fresh Calcium Complex tablets with your two olive leaf tablets. If you feel you are getting a cold or chest infection, repeat the dose two hours later and then after four hours, or see how you are the next morning and lessen the treatment.

For chronic conditions (slow, lingering infection):
Take 2 tablets with your morning meal and two at bedtime. It is advisable to take them with Calcium Complex tablets to help absorb and eliminate toxins, pathogens and parasites that may still be inside you.

Small children:
Suggested dose is half a tablet, crushed between two teaspoons and mixed with 1 Calcium Complex tablet and some water or milk. If this is well tolerated, the dose can be increased and given more frequently.



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