Weight Loss Society Carbo-Ban Combo

  • Weight Loss Society Carbo-Ban Combo
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Weight Loss Society Carbo-Ban Slimming Combo

This powerful slimming trio consists of 

1 x Carbo‐Ban ™  (90 caps)

This product works in two ways, it helps to stop complex carbohydrates (starches) from being broken down, as well as preventing glucose from being converted to fat. The combination results in carbohydrates passing through the system, which reduces the risk of them, being stored as fat. In addition to its two major functions, Carbo‐ban™ also reduces sugar cravings, stimulates weight loss and improves digestions. This means you can still eat pastas and bread and lose weight!

1 x Super Oxygen ™  (90 caps)

Super Oxygen is a natural therapy that creates an environment within the body where disease cannot thrive. Bacteria, pathogens, disease microorganisms and viruses (including influenza) are destroyed on contact with this natural substance without the side effects of antibiotics.

1 x SuperCheat ™  (60 caps)

SuperCheat is a natural Systemic calorie blocker that will help break down soft fat and cellulite.  It can be used for those binge days when you feel like being naughty or simply have no option but to cheat. May also be used as a successful weight loss formula of its own! 


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