Good Life Organic Popcorn (non-GMO)

  • Good Life Organic Popcorn (non-GMO)
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Good Life Organic Popcorn is made from non-genetically modified corn. It is open pollenated and grown on bio-diverse farms, which is a far cry from commercial methods. That means you can enjoy watching a movie without worrying about those harmful "hidden nasties" in your favourite snack!  High in fibre and oh-so-tasty, organic popcorn is at the heart of guilt-free snacking

  • Non-GMO
  • No synthetic pesticides or herbicides
  • No additives or preservatives


Place corn in a pot on your stove at a medium heat. Add organic vegetable oil of your choice, cover with pot lid and let the popping begin. When there’s a few seconds of silence between each pop, you know your popcorn is done. Sprinkle with salt, butter or olive oil and enjoy!

PS: Try a hot air popper for a healthier way to pop your corn!

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