Healthinista Beeswax 150g

  • Healthinista Beeswax 150g
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Beeswax is an amazing natural substance that can be used in many ways to improve our lives

Candles: Pure Beeswax is one of nature’s perfect products. Prized since ancient times, fragrant beeswax candles burn longer and cleaner than ordinary wax candles. It is the only fuel that emits negative ions when burning. 

Cosmetics: Create your own natural cosmetic range with beeswax and SOil organic essential oils

Home: Beeswax has many uses in and around the home. Use it as a natural furniture polish, lubricant, cleaning and anti-bacterial agent. 

Food: Beeswax is edible and can be used in making chocolates, glazing fruits and vegetables and to coat your cake/ muffin tins to prevent sticking.



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