A unique natural mineral make-up range and the first of South Africa's kind.

Inthusiasm's products contain naturally extracted minerals that enhance your features while nourishing and healing your skin and protecting it from drying.

Fully organic, Inthusiasm's soft silky powders contain no animal products, synthetic chemicals or alcohol. With ingredients such as Palmitate, Zinc and trace amounts of Titanium Dioxide, Manganese, Mica, and Boron, Inthusiasm blends with your unique body chemistry – creating a vibrant and healthy glow, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Inthusiasm make-up will not clog pores and has virtually no allergy risk. Contains broad spectrum UVB and UVA protection, and is water resistant. Composed of minerals that cannot support bacteria, is environmentally aware and is not tested on animals. The Inthusiasm make-up forms a filter that allows your skin to breath while protecting it from air pollutants. No touch ups required even on the hottest days.

Inthusiasm's vision is to introduce every woman who uses make-up to the natural, healthy way to enhance one's beauty.