Nature Fresh Calcium Complex 100 Tablets

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Adequate calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, potassium, copper and trace elements are essential for health and vitality. Nature Fresh Calcium Complex Tablets incorporates these minerals with vitamins, biochemical tissue salts and citric acid in proportions closest to those present in human bone tissue. A pH balance of 7 (neutral) ensures easy assimilation and also helps to eliminate toxins. If too alkaline, calcium tends to upset the flow of gastric juices and may cause heartburn. Calcium and magnesium perform over 300 metabolic functions in your body. Deficiencies result in: tooth and gum disorders, osteoporosis, heart disease, irritability, insomnia, depression, cramps and arthritis. The results? Better sleep, strong and hard finger nails, no more cramps and a good, peaceful night's sleep.

Used extensively by top SA doctors, therapists and gynecologists to treat osteoporosis.

Also for general aches and pains, acidity, weak fingernails, loose teeth, weakened thyroids, sleeping problems and menstrual cramps.

No flavours or sweeteners.


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