Healthinista Sprouting Seeds - Alfalfa 100g

  • Healthinista Sprouting Seeds - Alfalfa 100g
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Healthinista Sprouting Seeds - Alfalfa 100g
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Also known as Lucerne in South Africa, Alfalfa are very nutritious and vitamin-rich sprouts with a fresh taste.
We highly recommend using the wonderful Elzed Sprouter to grow your own tasty sprouts.  You can mix different sprouts too.  Use in a wide variety of meals, salads or even smoothies!  The Elzed Sprouter makes sprouting easy, quick and efficient.
Simply place 10 - 20 grams of seeds in each tray.  Pour into the lid 200ml (1 cup) of cold water twice a day.  Empty the base at the same time.  Do not add too much seed.  It is important to have the seed draining well or they may rot.  Water at least twice a day (more often in hot weather).  Seeds may become mouldy if not kept damp enough.  Different seeds may be mixed on the same tier but they must germinate at the same time.  Once ready, they may be used immediately or kept in the fridge - do not freeze.  All parts of the sprout are edible.
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